199Creative was founded in 2011, formerly known as 199, LLC. We specialize in Web Design, Web Development, SEO ( Known in the industry as Search Engine Optimization, or Getting found in a Google Search), and Mobile app development. It’s founders, Alexander Elbanna “President” and Angela Nerti “Vice President” have formed a partnership servicing the needs of business to business advertising, marketing, and development.  Our company’s goal is to create unique and eye-catching websites that will propel your business to reach its goals.



Learn Our Process:


  1. Web Design – We begin with an initial meeting, gathering your thoughts and bringing them to life by using design mockups- your design is everything. Included is your brand, logo, as well as web design. We take all of your ideas and bring them to life. The pricing for this service is $2,500.00 and you will receive 20 designs with many variations and up to 10 Revisions before we go to the development phase.
  2. Web Development – After your design is approved, we move into the development phase. This will include many forms of coding and, depending on the website user interface, can range from 20hrs-1000hrs. There are various types of code as well as CMS (Content Management Systems) we offer to our clients. It is very important to have a management system if you are not just a one page website. The most common coding is WordPress, we also use Joomla, The more advanced Systems are going to start with HTML, CSS, JAVA, PHP,CODEIGNITOR, AND LARAVEL.
  3. Marketing – We have completed the design and development stages and we have a website ready for the world! How do we attract users and get commitments or what we call in our industry “Calls to Action”?  SEO- (Search Engine Optimization) or “getting found on Google” is the next step. It is truly an art and if you hire the right company, your results could range from 10 calls to action to hundreds. A “call to action” is when a client will engage your services and your website is now becoming a business tool. It is very important that you do your research on SEO Companies. There are 49 steps within the SEO process that we will go over in our marketing program as well as set up a live dashboard so you can play along as we grow together. Marketing should be a lot of fun, not a frustrating task. With our step by step guide you can follow along on the adventure. One more important tool we offer is social media marketing. With social media marketing on our platform you may schedule posts in advance because we know that life is busy. We make it a streamlined approach, you have a business to run.
  4. Mobile Application Development – Ios and Android Development –  Businesses large and small love the web, and so do their clients/customers. You already have an incredible website- let’s dive a little further.  Provide your clients and users with a convenient and visually stunning mobile app. Apps are a huge advantage to your business and a convenient way to get one step ahead of your competition. At 199Creative we are a full service mobile application development company that will provide publishing, licensing certificates from itunes, and a web service to manage users. We also go one step beyond and offer push notifications for events, sales, and anything you can think of that goes straight to your users devices. For example, “ 199Creative is having a sale of website design 20% off!” This will pop up and notify any or all users we specify. Great tool to have! Mobile app development runs anywhere from $1500.00 -$10,000.00 depending on how advanced the application you are requesting is. There is also a $49.00 monthly fee to access your user dashboard , and database for push notifications, emails, support, and publication.
  5. What happens next- Now you have it all! By now we have converted users and traffic is following a steady stream to your website and mobile app. Where does this information go and how is it managed properly? You have two types of clients. First, ecommerce clients – these are clients who purchase services or products from your website. This type of client we would be using a payment processor. Many companies use Paypal or Authorize.net. Authorize.net is great and batches every 24hrs but can be very costly. Paypal is a free service and we would integrate something called an api which would integrate directly from your website into your bank account. My favorite and personal recommendation would be to use Stripe. They are seamlessly integrated into any payment collection website and subscription based website. For more information on payment processing please call 1-800-975-0199 ext 700 and Alex will be able to assist you.  The second type of client site would be an information gathering or lead box with a name, phone number, email address, and comments form that connects to a database and gathers information on who is trying to contact you. With this option we typically recommend an auto responder saying, “ Thank you for your email. Someone from our team will get in touch with you shortly. If you are in need of immediate assistance please call 1-800-975-0199 ext 6” Then a notification is sent to your business email notifying you that someone is trying to request a service call.  We provide the ability to have a text notification implemented if you are always out and about which a lot of our clients are. It is nice to stay one step ahead and capture that lead and turn it into a customer.
  6. Tips- There are many types of websites such as membership sites, informational sites, landing pages, and various others but for those we recommend you to speak with one of our sales team members to clarify your needs at 1-800-975-0199.  Every idea is unique!



At 199Creative we take a very Transparent approach to each one of our clients providing them with the best solution to bring their dream to life. Like Walt Disney, we like to use our imaginations and create, build and share the experience of bringing our world to life! We hope you share the same enthusiasm and we hope to share your adventure!


-199Creative Website and Marketing Team 1-800-975-0199